14 day mindfulness challenge

Do you want the benefits of mindfulness but don’t know where to start?

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This short challenge is intended to give you a flavour of mindfulness and the benefits of making it a habit in your everyday life.  We will share tips and tools to help you slow your thoughts,  become more present in your daily life and start building resilience to stress & anxiety.

We are passionate about mindfulness and about encouraging more people to use it to access what we regard as the superpower within us all. If you are looking to get a break from the mundane, recharge your energy and squeeze more fun out of life then take the first step now by setting the intention to commit 15 minutes each day to learning this new skill

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Tell your friends, the more the merrier and having a buddy helps stay committed and makes it more fun.

Overall Diane has been more than a mentor, life coach and business coach. The work she does is out of this world.


I have been given the tools I need to practise mindfulness wherever I am so I feel secure and confident living my life to the full.


I am so glad I have made mindfulness part of my daily routine because now I feel that I am calmer and more peaceful within myself.

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It’s time to flourish, because if not now, when?