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I first discovered the benefits of mindfulness when I was pregnant when it helped me throughout my pregnancy, with the birth and then the demands of caring for a newborn. When I returned to work I continued to use mindfulness to help whilst setting up my business and juggling work commitments with family life. I found that mindfulness gave me greater clarity and focus and helped me maintain a sense of perspective when things got tough.

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You must begin by knowing that you have already arrived.

I jointly invented and launched a potty training product and ran the business for eleven years. This was an amazing experience as I got to experience so many different aspects of business and was forced to become an expert in areas that I would have previously said were way out of my comfort zone.

Mindfulness also taught me to become more aware of my mind and what I was thinking or feeling, without it taking control of me.  With mindfulness, I felt I had more space to objectively observe these thoughts and could see beneath the chattering mind where a softer yet stronger voice lived. Being able to hear this voice gave me clarity and focus to make better decisions, decisions that I instinctively knew were right for me, and also gave me the courage and compassion to follow and convert these decisions into actions.

As a Princes Trust Mentor I often met mentees and found that on top of sharing my business experience I could help them and make a difference to their business success by sharing mindfulness tips and strategies.

In 2016 I started informal classes to help friends and acquaintances cope with life’s normal ups and downs. I was amazed at how well the simple practices worked for them and the feedback I got. I also found watching their journey and seeing the results they were achieving to be hugely satisfying.

In April 2019 I successfully completed the Mindfulness Now Teacher Training course in Oxford, a course fully endorsed by the British Psychological Society. This together with the mountain of books, podcasts, TED talks I have devoured since 1989 when I was 16 and discovered my first book from the New Age section of the bookstore made me realise I was ready to take the step of making this more than a hobby.

My aim is to offer the benefits of mindfulness to as many people as possible and to help them use these amazing tools to make better decisions and increase their happiness and to live the best and most fulfilling version of their lives; a life with less stress and anxiety and more love, joy and abundance.

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It’s time to flourish, be still, look within, there you will find the answer.