I worked with Kate to focus on developing mindfulness skills to help her manage anxiety. Some of the areas we looked at were errors in thinking, and negative or harsh self talk. Understanding thoughts and how the mind works helped Kate develop a more healthy relationship to her thoughts. This helped her respond rather than react in situations which would normally have triggered her anxiety. We used breathing techniques to provide a tool kit for when times got tough and found writing a journal helped slow the thoughts down and rationalise them. Regular meditations and mindfulness exercises helped relax and recharge and also helped further strengthen the mind.

I have been given the tools I need to practise mindfulness wherever I am so I feel secure and confident living my life to the full.

After suffering from extreme anxiety for nearly 20 years I had resigned myself to the thought that the only way of controlling and managing this illness was through medication. I was wrong. Now, after a year of weekly CBT and Mindfulness sessions with Diane Titterton I am able to manage life’s rollercoaster without experiencing anything like the same life inhibiting anxiety symptoms that I had previously suffered. Last week my medication levels were reduced by half and my GP was delighted with my progress! Diane has an ability to put her clients immediately at ease, her meditations relax and recharge and her cognitive behavioural therapy not only helps you understand the reason our brains work in the way they do but also guides you through practical coping strategies that really work in everyday life and that, for me,  was the most practical management of my illness that I have ever been shown. I will be continuing my sessions with Diane far into the future but she has also given me all of the tools I need to practise mindfulness skills wherever I am so I feel secure and confident living my life to the full.

I cannot thank you enough Diane