Please feel free to share and download the resources from this page. We hope they will help you feel more mindful in your everyday life.

Everyday task
5 Minute Mindfulness Exercise
Watch the breath
5 Minute Mindfulness Exercise
Today I am grateful for...
Gratitude Exercise
Mindfulness workshop & online course booklet
Booking form for Introduction to mindfulness course at Soul Sanctuary, Spetchley
Starting January 2020
Colouring Sheets
Mindfulness Exercise

Overall Diane has been more than a mentor, life coach and business coach. The work she does is out of this world.


I have been given the tools I need to practise mindfulness wherever I am so I feel secure and confident living my life to the full.


I am so glad I have made mindfulness part of my daily routine because now I feel that I am calmer and more peaceful within myself.


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Mountain meditation

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Living with high stress and a belief that stress is bad for you further increases your risk of dying

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It’s time to flourish, because if not now, when?