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The benefits of mindfulness are proven and available to all.  The one thing you need to access these benefits is consistency of practice.  Just 10 minutes a day is enough to live a happier, less stressful more productive, and possibly even longer life as it also slows aging and reduces the impact of stress and inflammation on the body.

I rarely find anyone that disagrees that mindfulness is good for you, I do however encounter lots of people that don’t quite manage to fit it into their daily routine.

This is why the Insiders members group has been set up; to make it easy to be consistent and to be accountable to yourself to take the time to practice. Accountability partners are available if you know you work well with this motivation. We are all learning together and having other like-minded people around and to chat to can help motivate us to keep practicing.

I offer live and weekly support to keep it interesting and varied including:

☀️live weekly meditations, and recordings if you miss it.

☀️closed group on the app slack with community chat channels

☀️a catalogue of the weekly meditations

☀️a weekly mindfulness practice or teaching sent via a weekly email

This ongoing commitment to mindfulness helps keep you accountable, and consistent in your practice.  You also get the opportunity to share and learn from like-minded people.

The price for this is £15 per month, and starts on 1st July.


Case Study

I work with Clair to help her build resilience to anxiety and to help her manage fatigue, a side effect of the illness she lives with.  We use a combination of mindfulness exercises and formal meditations to help Clair calm herself and move away from living in stress mode. Read more.

Case Study

I have been Emma’s Business Mentor for 9 years. I started as her Princes Trust business mentor but at the end of the three year contract we both wanted to continue with the partnership. Read more.

Inspiring Story

Hi there! I am Kat from Illustrated Kat and I have been working on my business for just over a year. My product range features my pretty and peculiar, hand designed fabrics which I hand make into cushion, toiletry bags, coin purses and much more. I also created all of the illustrations for Time To Flourish from characters to butterflies! Read more.

Case Study

I worked with Kate to focus on developing mindfulness skills to help her manage anxiety. Some of the areas we looked at were errors in thinking, and negative or harsh self talk. Understanding thoughts and how the mind works helped Kate develop a more healthy relationship to her thoughts. Read more.

Inspiring Story

I’m Emma the Inventor, founder and CEO of Beltfree by Miss James. A new innovative maternity shapewear range that includes Beltfree technology. I’ve been Diane’s mentee for 7 years starting from the very beginning of my business journey. Read more.

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