I work with Clair to help her build resilience to anxiety and to help her manage fatigue, a side effect of the illness she lives with.  We use a combination of mindfulness exercises and formal meditations to help Clair calm herself and move away from living in stress mode.  At the beginning, building self compassion was really important for Clair, as she often pushes herself.

I am so glad I have made mindfulness part of my daily routine because now I feel that I am calmer and more peaceful within myself.

I was unsure if I could commit to the practice each day but making those 10 minutes count ensured a better calmer day and a better me.

Following a commitment to daily practice each morning I have noticed a decrease in my anxiety levels. My general mental well being feels more positive. I feel that with regular daily meditation I am training myself to take a step back, observe and breathe instead of reacting in a way that was exhausting and consuming of all of my energy.

With your guidance and by learning this skill I feel that my stress levels have reduced, I have been able to regulate my emotions and don’t react to situations in an emotional way, I think that has impacted on my physical well being and will continue to help the fatigue symptoms I experience. The heightened stress and exhausted energy state severely impacts on the symptoms of my illness.  In the past I would ruminate and self analyse my involvement in social situations. Now I am more aware, I can be calm and have clarity and focus in any social situations. This has steadily increased my confidence and continues to improve my self esteem.

With ongoing practice of bringing myself back to the present, letting go of worries and thoughts I am now kinder to myself. I practice mindful walking in everyday life, being aware of sights sounds and smells. I am more accepting and tolerant towards people and myself and learning to have more compassion and positivity for myself and others.

Many thanks for all of your help and support in Mindfulness.