I believe we need to consistently practice mindfulness, but it can be hard to motivate yourself when you are feeling stressed or hijacked by thoughts.

That’s because in stressful times our ancient brain takes over typically identifiable through short term desires that bring instant gratification, a lack of concentration, perpetual and often obsessive thinking about future scenarios.

Not the ideal environment for being mindful!

However, now is the time we need the benefits of clarity, focus, good decision making so here’s a few tips for being mindful when you’d rather not:

🌻    Start the day with a moment of calm. Aim for 3 minutes. Follow a guided meditation or simply be still and notice your breath or what you sense around you.

🌻    Scan your body to notice if you are holding tension anywhere.

🌻 Use a simple breathing exercise if you feel overwhelmed.

🌻 Connect. Communication isn’t just a social nice to have, it’s a natural antidote to stress. Reach out & chat to friends & family. You will all benefit.