Fuel your health & wellbeing with the superpower of mindfulness.


Join our supportive community where we develop your mindfulness skills & help you maximise the benefits every day.

We provide the knowledge, guided practice, accountability & tips for making it happen in the real world of stress where time is limited.

Join our weekly live meditation and challenges that run throughout the year or learn at your own pace with our website, app and library of meditations.


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Why mindfulness meditation?

Stress and anxiety thrive on fast paced uncertainty and busy lifestyles, which are here to stay.

We need to learn tools and tactics to thrive in change and uncertainty.

It’s time to start looking after our minds in the same way that we eat well and exercise to look after our bodies. 

Most people know mindfulness and meditation is good for them.  It's backed by science and anecdotally proves itself over and over again. 

Why this is the place to be

Mindfulness is simple but not easy and I have discovered that most people benefit from support to keep refreshing their knowledge & skill, and most importantly to keep them practicing on a regular basis. 

Suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced, I will teach you mindfulness skills you need quickly and effectively. I have done all the research and distilled it into a system that works.

I understand you are busy and want tools that relieve stress and buy more happiness and joy.

Join now to start enjoying the benefits of mindfulness meditation.

£25 per month

for lifetime of membership, cancel anytime

  • Live meditations (Monday night at 6pm) with recordings available if you miss it
  • Access to daily mindfulness tips and tools through a private facebook group
  • Weekly mindfulness teachings via an email sent each Monday
  • Access to members platform (desk top or available as an app) containing a library of mindfulness teachings, tips & tools
  • Access to challenges that run during the year to supercharge your practice
  • Private library of guided meditations that's updated regularly (available on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or on our website and app)
  • Access to Diane for all questions and comments, via facebook page
  • Join the community and share ideas with others
  • Discount on courses
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You know this is right for you if:

1. You know you need to make changes to help yourself step off the hamster wheel but you don’t know where to start.

2. You are juggling multiple roles, responsibilities and never get to the end of the to do list.

3. You’ve downloaded a meditation app, but don’t have the time or motivation to use it regularly.

4. You are always so busy you never feel like you do anything to the standard you want to achieve.

5. You never have time or the energy to do anything for yourself, but always promise to do it in future when you have more time.

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Don’t wait!

You don't find time for mindfulness, you need to make time and practice little & often.


Every minute you spend will be returned to you through saving precious time & energy you normally waste on:

ineffective multi-tasking,

making mistakes,

worrying about things outwith your control. 

What’s more, your body & mind will thank you for giving them a break from the impact of living in stress mode, and the impact that has on health & wellbeing.



Getting started is the hard part, once you take that first step you will be fully supported.


Get started today

Mindfulness helped me to juggle a career, family and to find time for myself. Now I want to share the health & wellbeing benefits with as many people as I can. 

During the time I've been working as a mindfulness coach I have met some fantastic people who are keen to keep learning and practicing mindfulness.  This has been the inspiration for the Mindfulness Members Club.  

It's the place to be and I'd love for you to join and expereince the benefits of mindfulness amongst a supportive community of like minded people. 

We are are looking to reduce worry and increase happiness, and the aim of this group is to guide us along this path. 

Hope to see you there, there's lots to learn, and a healthy mix of serious discussion & lighthearted fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What clients say:


I really appreciate being able to set aside the time to dedicate to deepening my mindfulness practices with Diane and I'm really grateful for everything she's taught me. 



Diane at Time to Flourish has introduced me to a variety of new techniques to bring mindfulness into my every day. She is supportive, caring, flexible and understanding. 



Life has changed so much in these last few weeks and at times it is hard not to feel anxious and overwhelmed. With Diane’s support and clear explanation of mindfulness and meditation practice and how they work, I have managed to control these feelings and to see the benefits of being in the present