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Why mindfulness meditation?


Stress and anxiety thrive on fast paced uncertainty and busy lifestyles, which are here to stay.

We need to learn tools and tactics to thrive in change and uncertainty.

It’s time to start looking after our minds in the same way that we eat well and exercise to look after our bodies. 

Do you battle with negative thoughts and emotions?


It can feel like the thoughts in our head get out of control and we never get a break from them.  Instead, we get stuck in rumination about what has happened or worry about future events or outcomes.

The negative feelings and emotions this causes us can make us feel like we are constantly living with feelings of anxiety in our body.

 However, with the correct tools we can build resilience for these tough times, free ourselves from negative thoughts and feelings and find calm and contentment.

By understanding how the mind works, and becoming aware of our own patterns of thinking, we can learn to coach ourselves through life’s normal ups and downs.


Ways to unlock the benefits of mindfulness meditation

Online courses & ebooks

We understand most people are busy but want results fast.

We distil down the teachings of mindfulness into quick and easy online courses. Including e-books, short courses and one off webinars.

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One to one coaching

Coaching sessions that are fully tailored to meet your needs.   

The added support of one to one coaching promotes a safe environment to consider how the skills can be applied to your own individual situation. 

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Join our mindfulness members club to keep learning the skills of mindfulness and get support and accountability from Diane & the group.

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Group courses

Each season we run group courses through Zoom to offer the opportunity to learn mindfulness and meditation in live interactive coaching sessions together with a supportive community.

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Thanks Diane, your support is appreciated.  I know you've always got my back.'



Thank you for everything you've helped me with this year. It could have been a very different year if not for your mindfulness coaching. I'm incredibly grateful to you.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

With Diane’s support and clear explanation of mindfulness and meditation practice and how they work, I have managed to control feelings of anxiety & overwhelm and to see the benefits of being in the present.


Mindfulness helped me go from chaotic to calm


For a while I didn't recognise myself.  I was stressed and constantly juggling work and family responsibilities, ensuring everyone else was ok, but ignoring my own needs and wants.

I was surviving, but not thriving and while I wasn't unhappy, I had lots of positives in my life,  I was far from being fulfilled.  The stress wasn't going anywhere and I knew I had to make some changes.

Mindfulness helped me stop overthinking and better manage my thoughts. It gave me the clarity to see beyond the stresses and strains of everyday life. 

It also gave me the tools to rewire my mind and use my thoughts and emotions to follow my passion and purpose. 

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'Mindfulness isn't difficult, you just need to do it.' 

Sharon Salzberg

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