Are thoughts tricking you?

anxious thoughts mastering your mindset thoughts Jul 19, 2022
Person struggling with negative thoughts

Every day we have thousands of thoughts, they pop into our head every few seconds in a seemingly random way. 

These are not all facts, but sometimes the mind tricks us into believing they are.

Some are facts, like, I have an invitation to the party tonight.

But often the train of thought turns into:

🤔 Opinions – I don’t really like meeting new people

🤔 Judgements – I don’t know if I will like Jane’s friends

🤔 Comparisons – Jane always knows what to say and sounds so confident, I’m such a loser

This can last a few seconds but can massively impact on how we feel because if left unchecked we believe each of these thoughts as if they were the truth.

Mindfulness is not about stopping these thoughts coming into our mind.

Instead, it’s about making us aware that these thoughts are not facts and putting space between us and the thought to allow us to see from a more logical perspective. This stops the thoughts automatically switching on the stress response and prevents us from attempting to suppress the thoughts coming.

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