How to get through your ever growing to do list

burnout managing anxiety mindfulness at work productivity Jul 19, 2022
Time out for summer

Do you remember that feeling of the last day of term?

 When everything is handed in, all the work has been done and you can leave school and forget about it?

 It’s sad but we rarely get to experience that in ‘real adult life.’

But those feelings of completion are so amazing and are often what keep us working (sometimes unproductively) into the wee small hours when we should be resting, spending time doing things we love with the special people in our lives.

 😵 ‘I wish I hadn’t worked so hard’ is one of the tops regrets of the dying that Bronnie Ware heard from end-of-life patients in her care.

 Now is the time to make some changes, so here are three tips to mindfully manage your to do list.

  1. Manage your expectations. Our to do list is seldom all complete and Inbox 0 is the unicorn of the corporate world!
  2. Prioritise your priorities. The word priority refers to a single thing not a whole to-do list of 20. Work out what is the single most important task to do now, complete it then move on to the next priority.
  3. Break tasks into chunks. Biology rewards us for making progress by giving us a hit of endorphins. This motivates us to continue on. Use this and you will get closer to the bigger endorphin rush you get when you fully complete a task.

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