How to start a mindfulness meditation practice for FREE

free resources how to start a mindfulness meditation practice Jul 19, 2022
Diane Titterton meditating

About 60% of what I offer could be found for free and if you have the time and inclination this is how you can set up your own mindfulness meditation practice. 

You could scour Youtube for free meditations.

You could watch TED talks to learn about behaviour.

You could read books about mindfulness, meditation, the science of the mind and how evolution has impacted on the way we think today.

You could listen to podcasts from leading meditation teachers around the world.

You could read through the 243,000,000 google search results for meditation looking for the answer to your questions.

You could search for free introduction courses on mindfulness 

You could set an alarm to remind you to practice each day.

You could then have a supportive chat with yourself to become your own coach.

You could chat to your friends and family about mindset, motivation, managing thoughts and emotions, self compassion and building equanimity, gratitude and loving kindness.

Does this sound like a full time job?

It is and I love doing this everyday, all day and have been working at least part time on this for the last 20 years.

 So if you don’t have the time (time is after all our most limited resources that even the richest people in the world can’t buy) ask me.  I love sharing the the skills and teachings of mindfulness meditation.  I distil everything down and have developed a 5 day mindfulness course to help you get started.

Start the course today. 


Are you ready to find out how mindfulness meditation can help you to achieve more, worry less and find more happiness? 

Check out our courses (on line and in person), our membership or set up a call with me to chat through your individual coaching needs.

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