What you can learn from childhood games

about me journalling mmc other meditation teachers Jul 19, 2022
Children playing happily

The first question Light Watkins always asks guests on his podcast is, what was their favourite toy or game as a child.  He maintains that this gives strong clues about their passion and purpose. 

 Looking back I remember the joy of playing outside in summer.  We lived on a low traffic street with lots of children of similar ages and we spent hours playing in the street, organising our own version of the Olympics, World Cup or playing Manhunt. 

 One summer I remember setting up a summer club for the younger kids and started by knocking on doors asking parents to contribute towards prize money for colouring competitions and snacks (later donated by my parents!).  I can still remember that for 50p their child would be entertained for 2 hours.

 Now I realise how close this business model is to me setting up a mindfulness members club.

 For £25 (probably similar value to 50p in 1980) you have access to mindfulness teaching and resources, you can join in to live guided meditations and most importantly have access to a community that helps provide consistence and accountability to practice.

 Mindfulness has been proven to offer so many health and wellbeing benefits and helps you achieve more and worry less and find happiness in every day.

 It’s simple

It's widely available on apps or Youtube

But to get the benefits you need to be consistent and practice regularly which is difficult.

 Life gets in the way

So joining this members club guides you and distils all the key learning into bite sized pieces and I promise I’ll never ask your parents for money!

What was your favourite toy or game as a child? This can be a great question to ponder or better still to spend 10 minutes journalling about.

Are you ready to find out how mindfulness meditation can help you to achieve more, worry less and find more happiness? 

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