Why master your mindset and the ability to manage thoughts?

anxious thoughts managing anxiety mastering your mindset negative thoughts May 23, 2023

Managing thoughts is an essential skill for when life tests you and the S**t hits the fan

When life is stable, and all is well, the idea that we need to manage thoughts doesn't seem that important. You feel confident, happy and positive and while the odd negative thought may cross your mind, they don't tend to take root or affect how you feel.

Does that sound like your life?

Probably not.

Back in the real world, stress creates more than the odd negative thought. We work in high stress environments and are trying to balance our home commitments and make time to live an enjoyable life in between everything and everyone else. Those stresses mount up but we can normally cope. It's not pleasant or comfortable but isn't that just life? 🤷‍♀️

No, it doesn't have to be, read on and then we'll get to that...

The real issues come when life tests us with the bigger stresses and issues like:

ill-health, our own or family's ⚕️

family/relationships 👩‍👦

financial pressure 💰

change and uncertainty 🔮

If we are have been struggling against day to day stress beforehand, we don't have the resilience to deal with these major stressors, that unfortunately tend to visit everyone at some point in life. What's more, the overwhelm is heightened by our lack of tools to deal with these situations.

This is why learning mindfulness gives you resilience and the tools to manage life when the s**t hits the fan. Don't wait until life tests you, start building your tool kit now, and the added benefit is that it will help you deal with the smaller day to day stressors.

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