Will you be connecting with others this weekend?

connection know thyself & flourish positive psychology Jul 19, 2022
People socialising on the beach

Would it shock you if I said your answer to this question could predict your health and happiness levels, and maybe even give a clue as to how long you will live

It is no secret that there are many benefits to be found in strong social connection.

 Connection can strengthen relationships, increase our health, and even lower mental health issues and anxiety levels.

 In a study done on individuals who had been diagnosed with coronary heart disease it was found that those who had a strong social support and feelings of connectedness were less likely to die over the course of 5 years than those without. The results even included people who had already suffered heart attacks during the study.

 Many cultures are known for their sense of community and their strong social presence. In those cultures, people live healthily well into old age and have little to no levels of mental illness or disability . These cultures are considered Blue Zones, a term coined by author Dan Buettner.

It is important to note that connection does not only apply to physical wellness. Connection can also be greatly beneficial to a person's mindset and mood .

 So, if you want to feel energised and happy make sure you take time to connect today, it can be as simple as sending a quick message, writing a card or picking up the phone. 


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