Unlock Your Inner Pharmacy, Heart-Centered Meditation

Episode #36

In this guided meditation, you'll start by unwinding your mind and relaxing your body. Then, we'll focus on your heart area, cultivating a sense of warmth and vitality. You'll place your hands over your heart to really tap into this nurturing energy. Finally, you'll move your hands to areas in your body that need some TLC, transferring that healing energy to help you feel better from the inside out.


Meet Diane Titterton, your guide to a mindful life. With roots in Scotland and now based in Worcestershire, Diane brings a unique blend of experience and expertise to her mindfulness coaching. She's a powerhouse of wisdom at 49, a mother of two, and has an intriguing history in the corporate world. Diane even invented a product that found its way onto the shelves of the UK's major supermarkets. At Time to Flourish Ltd, she offers essential tools for managing stress, emotions, and behaviour through mindfulness and meditation. Think of her as the life-raft in your sea of everyday struggles, offering you a sanctuary of calm amidst 21st-century chaos. Tune in to learn how to feel more energetic, forge better relationships, and truly listen to yourself. She's all about real solutions for real people, and her passion is to help others discover the life they love living, the one that brings them freedom, joy and contentment. 

For more information on one to one coaching please go to www.timetoflourish.co.uk or email Diane at [email protected]