Time to Flourish mindfulness meditation

Time to Flourish mindfulness meditation

Hosted by: Diane Titterton

A range of guided mindfulness meditations suitable for beginners and more advanced practitioners wishing to take time out to develop their mindset and mastery of thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

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Noting meditation

Episode #13

Noticing and letting go of thoughts when they come into the mind, perfect for times when the mind is busy overthinking or catastrophising. For free mindfulness resources go to www.timetoflourish.co.uk Not sure which...
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Interrupting thoughts

Episode #14

This meditation is helpful when the mind starts getting busy with unpleasant or repetitive thoughts. It helps raise awareness and helps us to get back into control of our mind, rather than be exhausted by the constant...
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Roots meditation

Episode #15

Roots meditation to relax and ground. Visualising roots growing from your feet and burrowing into the earth. Perfect for when you feel like your mind is so full and busy that you feel cut off from your body. Not sure...
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Sitting with emotions

Episode #16

Practicing being with all emotions and the associated sensations and allowing them to pass by in their own time. We traditionally think of emotions in black and white terms of good and bad and we often want to cling...
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Heart Opening gratitude

Episode #17

An uplifting heart opening meditation that visualises people, pets or accomplishments that we are grateful for. This focus warms our heart and creates positive feelings of love and joy. Gratitude is said to have a...
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Melting tension meditation

Episode #18

This is a relaxing letting go meditation that visualises melting tension from the body using the breath. Deeply relaxing, it helps you to let go and return the body to its natural state of relaxation. Not sure which...
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Visualise your space & sacred place

Episode #19

Based on a meditation by Jay Shetty from his book, Think like a Monk, this meditation visualises you in a sacred space where you can rest and recharge. It's great for when you need to take some time out for you. Not...
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Letting go (Full moon meditation)

Episode #20

Letting go takes awareness, acceptance, strength and sometimes forgiveness. This meditation helps you let go of any physical or emotional sensations that are ready to leave and soften the impact of any that are still...
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Have a great day

Episode #21

This daytime meditation helps you reset, then set intentions for a great day. It includes a gratitude practice, colour meditation and some loving kindness so is the mindfulness equivalent of getting your five a day...
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The simple joy of sitting & breathing

Episode #22

A key concept in mindfulness is building awareness of what is happening in the present moment both externally and internally. When we can get in touch with the sensations of the body in any given moment we can tune...
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5 minute focus & concentration warm up

Episode #23

A perfect start to your working day. This meditation is a warm up for your focus and gently engages your concentration muscle. If you are struggling to get into work and are tempted to check your phone, or make...
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Balancing Yoga Nidra

Episode #24

Yoga Nidra translates as sleep with awareness and is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for the body. It also releases dopamine thus leaving you feeling refreshed and motivated. My yoga teacher always told us that 20...
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